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Detox. Detox. Detox.
Whether it's in the form of cleansing teas or diets, many people swear by the benefits of detoxification. I guess now more than ever before, we need to detox because our day-to-day life is often hectic, and our environmental stresses and modern lifestyle demand a great deal from our body.
Before using Detox Cream & Formula
What about your skin? Stresses, pollutants and UV radiation can also result in increased degradation products in the cells - these often cause us to appear tired, pale and lifeless. Irrespective of age, if our skin is lacking in freshness and radiance, it ages prematurely and allows age spots to become visible.
JANSSEN COSMETICS has developed special care products with detoxification effect. The new Trend Edition DETOX incorporates two innovative formulations: the DETOX Cream, and DETOX Formula.

Based on a scientifically founded concept, this innovative care formula supports the skin cells' detoxification process and therefore slows down visible skin aging. Age spots appear less visible and the skin's youthful radiance is retained. In a manner of speaking, the skin takes on new vitality, which is reflected in a fresh and healthy appearance.

The Detox Cream supports the skin's detoxification mechanisms, stimulates the cells' native detoxification systems and prevents oxidative cell damage. The lipid content of 31% makes it great for moisturising, repairing and protecting dry skin.
Detox Cream contains two innovative active substances: a yeast extract, rich in polysaccharide -glucan, highly-active peptide from avocado pulp. Both active substances promote the level of cellular activity when deposits have broken down and rendered harmless. A mixture of vitamin C isopalmitate and vitamin E acetate is used to inactivate free radicals. These proven vitamins penetrate the skin in this stabilized form. There, they become active and protect the skin cells against oxidation. The cells remain more vital and reveal this by living for longer.
I apply Detox Cream onto the cleansed skin of my face and neck every evening. I love its rich texture which feels luxurious when applying onto my skin. Despite being quite rich, it does not feel sticky or weighed down, the product gets absorbed within a few minutes. My pores don't feel clogged at all. And when I wake up, my skin feels refreshed and youthful. 
The Detox Formula has a much lighter texture as it has a 17% lipid content. If you want to have great detox and protection but you have oily skin or maybe you just want a lightweight moisturiser for daytime, you can use Detox Formula. This product contains those active substances which prevents oxidative cell damage, stimulates cellular detoxification systems, reduces age spots, and leaves the complexion looking smooth, youthful and radiant.
For my day routine, it's just this one simple step after cleansing. When I apply it, it glides on my skin effortlessly and gets absorbed pretty much instantly. This has a matting effect after application, so it's a great foundation for make up. I can apply my make up straight away.
1 Week after starting Detox Cream & Formula
Before discovering Janssen Trend Detox, I noticed that there would be phases where my skin would be very dull, tired and even pale looking because of stress, environment, lack of sleep and basically our modern city lifestyle. The Detox Cream and Detox Formula have shown to be an effortless fix for it in a short period of application. Just within days of using these products in place of my regular moisturisers, my complexion improved with increased freshness and vitality. If used regularly, age spots are reduced and the skin becomes visibly smoother too.
Janssen Trend Edition DETOX Cream (sgd150) and DETOX Formula (sgd160) are available at selected salons and you can get them conveniently online at Janssen Cosmetics.

For free samples, head over to the Samplestore's Janssen Cosmetics page.


  1. Super greasy cream..doesnt get absorbed even after hours. So greasy that i had to wash it off as my hair kept getting stuck to my face. Not a good feeling. Even for the formula...no visible results at all

  2. Greasy cream. No effects observed except for new pimples. Do you have normal or dry skin?

    1. My skin is dry-dehydrated by default.

      This is an old post. Now I'm using hada labo and it works even better for my skin. It's not greasy so u may prefer it.


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