Lee Kuan Yew Passed Away This Morning

I was still fast asleep this morning when David told me gently "Baby, your Prime Minister passed away." I knew he meant LKY.

I heard him, but I could not wake myself up. (I was terribly jet lagged... David even put an ugly photo of me on Facebook last night, I was passed out, looking totally spasticated, with the top button of my shorts undone. I had to get to his phone and delete it. Mofo).

Then when I finally got up, late, I was in a mad rush .... to the post office, then back home to clean the floor (we have a guest arriving later today) and do the ironing. Finally, now at almost noon, I sat down to have a nosey on Facebook... and saw all the posts about his passing. And it struck me, oh, he has really left us.  :(

So sad.

But I knew it would happen. He's 91. Lots of people were wishing that he would get well, and be discharged from hospital and later join us at the SG50 celebrations. I kinda knew that would not happen. People don't live forever.

Then there are those as well who celebrate this occasion, like he's the reason for anything and everything bad in their lives so they're happy he's finally dead ...  You rejoice and laugh but the jokes on you, loser. Lee Kuan Yew lived to 91, with very minimal health problems along the way, such a full life, and his legacy will forever live on. I'm always so proud to be Singaporean, especially when I travel, and people ask me where I'm from (sometimes I think to the point where I'm quite obnoxious lol.)

I for one am very grateful that such a great man took the helm 50 years ago when times were dire and we were a little island with no resources. Look what we are today. Nothing short of amazing. You think you (or anyone else) could have done better than that? Yeah yeah, hindsight is always 20/20.

To my fellow Singaporeans who are mourning our great loss... Just want to say that I always believe that for good people, death is a release to a better place. He can finally be with his wife again. And this coming SG50 celebrations, cheer with all your might for he will be there in spirit.


  1. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Sorry for you and all Singaporeans loss, Holly.

    The world is saddened by this...


  2. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Dear Holly,

    As a fellow singaporean living overseas, I've only had blog posts / videos / links to look at during this sad period. In spite of some beautifully moving prose I've seen elsewhere, yours is actually my favourite! Punchy, no nonsense, more Singaporean than the effusive tear-jerker write ups. I've had my week of quiet reflection and have just come across your entry. How apt to end the sad month with a post like this. Thank you.

    Best wishes!


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