Kata i4 Review

Since I got my hands on the newly launched Kata i4 smartphone last weekend, friends have been asking me about this new player in the market and were eager to find out how it compares. It was launched on Friday the 13th of February and I got it on Saturday so I was excited to be one of the firsts to get this phone.
Well, the first things that grabbed my attention was its design. It's so classy. Even the packaging is clean, chic and high end, just like the design of the phone itself.

This US-based brand just launched it's latest Kata i4 in Singapore on Friday (13 Feb). I find that this brand delivers good quality tablets and phones at attractive and affordable prices. What I find sets Kata apart from the other affordable smartphones and tablets we see today is that Kata has an upmarket feel about it (despite the lower prices).
Brilliant Colours and Clarity
I like the feel of the phone, it feels expensive (thanks to quality materials and construction). It's lightweight and yet not light to the point that it feels cheap (anyone who has had cheapo smart phones in their hands will know what I mean by it feeling cheap).
Slim design
The specs are also top of the line. With the i4, Kata is introducing its first octa-core phone which delivers faster processors, better cameras and bumped-up storage capacities.
There's so much screen!! I love the colours and clarity of the 5-inch super HD display. The ultra-speed 1.7GHz octa-core processor lets you enjoy multiple apps simultaneously. Its performance is up to my expectations, it is super responsive and does not lag.
There are 16MP rear and 8MP back cameras. The camera response is fast and I can edit/filter my snapshot on the phone straightaway.

And I can share it on all my social media pretty instantaneously without having to have or open any additional apps.
Taken from 24 storeys above, great clarity for a phone camera!
You can easily store up your enormous files and applications with the 32GB internal storage. The pre-installed KataCloud application further enhances the storage with a free 25GB on KataCloud. As all KataCloud users get a free storage of 10GB, this gives you a total of 35GB of cloud storage.
Right now, you can get Kata  i4 online through Amazon or Lazada. It is available in black, from S$358. Kata will open its retail stores here from March onwards.
Visit the official Kata website or their Singapore Facebook fan page for more information about the i4 and other products and services.


  1. Anonymous2:40 am

    how is the battery? since it's built in

    1. I don't know about long term (like after years of charging) but now it's much longer battery life than my iPhones I have had before. Much better.

  2. Anonymous8:31 am

    It's this a paid review?

    1. Nope. I didn't get paid to write this. But Kata have out their phones to a few people so they can be the firsts in Sg to try it. Me included.

  3. Your review is good, but after my personal experience, I now wonder if my unit is defective.

    1. Unit gets hot so fast after 5 mins of playing a high resolution game.
    2. Camera is not that clear. It's a clear shot if the subject is near or closeup.
    3. I'm already experiencing touch sensor problems.
    4. The back case is already loose (upper right portion)
    5. Wifi connectivity problems.

    By the way, my unit is not abused and it's less than 2 months old.

    1. my mum is using mine now and it is fine. I suggest you get it back to their store/service centre. You might have a defective one.


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