Herbal Scalp Treatment at Luxe Scalp Specialist

A stressful end to 2014 meant the return of the dreaded dandruff for me. So when I got the chance to visit Luxe Scalp Specialist to review their Herbal Scalp Treatment, I was like YESSSS!!! 
They have 2 outlets in Singapore, one at Tampines One, and another at Chinatown Point which I went to since it's close to my home. 
This is the 1st Asian herb scalp specialist centre validated by certified trichologist to combat scalp problems using Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. I learnt a lot about my scalp issues during the short consultation right before my treatment started. You can see the before/after pics of my scalp at the end of this post (not for those easily grossed out!).
The treatment took about 2 hours, and I found it very comfortable. There's even an iPad on a stand to entertain clients while they have their treatment, the time flew by. Let me walk you though the steps of this Herbal Scalp treatment I had...
First, my scalp was prepared for treatment with the use of this wand which gave out mini electric charges, this kills bacteria on my scalp. Then she applied a lemongrass oil. The usual oil with this treatment is a ginseng wine but during my consultation, the specialist deduced that the lemongrass oil would be better for me. I like how they are flexible and can cater to suit individuals.
Right after the lemongrass oil (which smelled soooo therapeutic and refreshing by the way), the herbs mixture was applied to my whole scalp. Not a spot was left uncovered. There's a definite herbal smell to this but it's not terrible at all. I found this herbal mixture very relaxing when it was on my scalp. 
I took this picture at the start of the steaming, and the I fell asleep. I'm not sure how long the herbs were steaming in my hair for, I think about half an hour. What a nice nap.
After washing my hair very thoroughly, it was time for scalp massage. I had a massage during the wash, but I won't complain about a second massage right after! So nice. There was this heated bean bags around my neck and shoulders which totally relaxed my muscles.

Finally, after the blow dry, the infrared lamps were on for 10 minutes to further promote circulation and scalp health.

2 hours after I stepped in to Luxe Scalp Specialist, I walked out of there with my head feeling a whole lot lighter.... the Herbal Scalp Treatment revitalizes and makes the scalp feel refreshed (and also maybe my head felt lighter because I got rid of a whole lot of dandruff! lol). 

Ready to see the before and after close up pics of my scalp?
Super yucks. My dry super flaky scalp. The circles show that my follicles are clogged with dead cells/oil/etc. This is so bad because after the hair falls, a new hair cannot grow out of a closed follicle. And if it does manage to grow, it will come out very thin (like the strand of hair indicated by the red arrow). That's hair thinning!
This is the after pic, as you can see, the follicles are now open and clear. You can see the strands of hair coming out of it. My dandruff and flaky scalp is now all clean. I'm so relieved that this treatment worked for me and that the results are immediate. I can not only feel the difference but I could see the difference for myself with this micro close up scan of my scalp too.

Now you can get a Free sample voucher on Sample Store website for a trial session of their Korean Ginseng Scalp & Hair Strengthening Treatment. Give it a try.

You can check out Luxe Scalp Speciallist on Facebook, or website Luxeherbal.com

Luxe Scalp Specialist
133 New Bridge Road
#02-28 Chinatown Point
Tel: 6702 0777

Luxe Scalp Specialist
Tampines 1 #04-29
Tel: 6555 1065 


  1. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Oooh, those pics are crazy-freaky!
    Don't know if I'll sleep tonight!
    Great experience, I bet.....thanks for sharing.

    1. Do try out the free sample for this at samplestore :)

  2. CeLestinA9:54 am

    Hi Holly
    So did you sign the package? I know its quite expensive for such services.
    But its really good for both the hair & scalp.

    1. Good for scalp, very clean straight away. But for hair there's no immediate effect for me. Guess tht wld take time as scalp improves.

      Did not sign package as I want to try the sea mud mineral thingy first... See if that is overall better on me.


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