Keratin Treatment

With all that's been going on the last couple of months, I've been neglecting a lot of things, my hair included. But you can't really blame me right, at least I'm starting to pick myself up and snap out of the bad situation fate has dealt me. It's a new year! It'll be a good year!
Perk me up time! I went to Plan B Hair Studio at Far East Plaza. I also went to check out Yacht21 boutique while I was there (show you clothes in next post maybe). Love Far East Plaza.
I didn't want to rebond my hair, and I'm not ready to cut it short yet. So I decided on a Keratin Treatment to improve the texture of my hair and make it more manageable as well. Normally, my natural frizz is just hard for me to tame or style so I hardly have my hair down.
In this pic- one side of my head with completed Keratin Treatment. Do you see the difference. My hair strands are not only smoother and straighter but it feels stronger as well. 

You can also get the Kerasilk shampoo and conditioner from Goldwell which will help maintain this smooth effect of the treatment for up to 5 months. Actually I used Kerasilk before... ages ago when I first started rebonding my hair and loved how it made my hair feel soft and smooth and not heavy.
If you want to make an appointment or enquiries you can ring Plan B at 67337716 or pop onto their FB page. Look for my stylist Ricky :)