Creme Simon Event at the Pop Up Store

Yesterday I went to the Creme Simon Pop Up Store at Raffles City Robinsons.
Celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo was there to do a skincare workshop with Creme Simon. He has done makeup for several local and international stars such as Juliette Binoche and Marine Vacth, and is known locally as a skincare guru for his in-depth knowledge of skincare ingredients. 

I took home the Brightening Detox Night Moisturiser and the Day time version too. They fit nicely into my vanity swivel shelf.. I like looking at them lol. They are both part of the winter collection. Formulated for extra hydration and dry/harsh climates. So its great if you're travelling to a cold windy place or if you spend a lot of time in air-con ... or like me, you just have dehydrated skin to begin with!
The texture is definitely heavier than the Crème Universelle (which I also love.... btw, this cream is really universal btw, Larry Yeo applied it as eye cream on the model, whole face can use it, even the lips! Just put a layer on your lips, wait a minute, and then use a tissue to slough it off, all the dry skin comes right off).

The winter range of moisturizers absorb well, without a sticky residue. One tip I learnt, is to glide your hands over your face when applying it... works better than patting moisturizer in.
I also got these pretty ang pows from them. :)
You can use voucher code 9BGHF7P at the online checkout to get 10% rebate at Crème Simon eShop.

P/s there's another Skincare workshop by Larry Yeo at the pop up store at Raffles City Robinsons on the 23rd of January 8pm. Click here for more details. The first 50 to sign up will get a box of Laudree Macarons. Click here for details.