Review: The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

Last week, The Body Shop sent me 2 of their new products to try out. 
 The Body Shop Drops of Youth™ Bouncy Sleeping Mask $44.90
I usually use sheet masks at night because of the convenience. I haven't used a rinse off mask in years. This Bouncy Sleep Mask doesn't need to be rinsed off so I will easily use this every night in place of my regular moisturizer. It's like a very indulgent moisturizer without a sticky residual or heavy feeling.
 Wonderblur... this is like airbrushing your skin in real life. It's not tinted, use it below your foundation. When I first squeezed it out of the tube I was surprised at how 'stiff' it was, so pasty in texture (I was expecting it to be more fluid). But it still spread on my skin okay.
I tested it out on my hand since I have such dry skin there which shows lots of small creases and wrinkles. This product really filled out the crevices and gave my skin a much much much smoother appearance. This would work great at concealing enlarges pores and fine crow's feet around the eyes if you have that.