Food Questions :)

Hey ya... just trying to get my mind off things by blogging light hearted stuff for the time being. If you have any ideas what else I could blog about, let me know k  :)

Here are 10 Food Questions answered:

1. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Haagen Dazs Macademia Ice cream. Or Pecan. Or any good quality vanilla ice cream.

2. Best tasting drink in the summer?
Oreo Milkshake. Actually I don't really like eating Oreos, but I ordered an oreo milkshake once because they didn't have plain vanilla, and it was the only vanilla based on on the menu. And I freakin love it now.

3. Best tasting drink in winter?
I never drink hot drinks. So... still milkshake. I love milkshakes, they sometimes replace my whole meal.
4. Messiest food, in your opinion?
Definitely crabs.. pepper crab my fav.

5. Cheapest food you ever ate?

I eat a lot of cheap food, maybe a $1 pork kebab wrap thingy on the streets of Vietnam.
6. Most expensive food you ever ate?
I've had Caviar... it's expensive but you can't really eat A LOT of it, so in that respect, it's not THAT expensive. I think for me pan seared foie gras is the most expensive, because I always eat one serving, and feel like... actually, I can eat about 3 more... but I cannot afford to. Lol.
7. Stinkiest food you ever ate?
Roquefort Cheese. I can't decide if I like it or not, I eat small pieces only because the smell makes me gag. Wtf.

8. Best pizza topping?
Lots of very thinly sliced parma ham, some arugula and shaved parmesan. Thank you very much.

9. Favorite potato chip flavor?
Lay's seaweed crisps. Or anything sea salt flavoured. But never crinkle cut!

10. Favorite soda?
I like root beer.

11. Favorite Vegetable?
Sambal Kang Kong (if I'm not cooking it)... if I must cook it, then steamed broccoli with a sprinkle of sea salt.

12. Favorite fruit?
Mango & Mangosteen!

13. Worst fast food restuarant?
Worst? Don't have la... but I don't like KFC breakfast menu.

14. Best restaurant?
Used to love the old Indochine Empress Place. One of my best restaurant experiences is probably Le Saint Julien at Fullerton Waterboat House. But my husband is not a fine dining type person, our special eats place is probably the Sunday brunch at the Raffles Hotel Billiard room. Which is fabulousssssss.

15. Best smelling food?
Anything with a lot of fried garlic smells delightful to me. Also, my neighbour's food always smells nicer than whatever I make in my kitchen :(

You know... not enough stores in Singapore sell macarons. I keep wanting to eat them but am not near Laudree. Thought about making my own (endless supply of macarons!!!! whooo!!) but then I would have to buy a damn electric whisk and a silicon baking mat... and you know me, my hobbies are fleeting at best. So I might stop after just one bake. ;/ Such a waste of $ la.