UUcare Sanitary Pads Review

Here's something to share with my girls. With all the sanitary care products out on the shelves, it's tough to know what's best suited for us.
For me, the things I want are :
1. Security
It has to be safe from leaks. If there's side leakage or back flow, I'm never using that brand again! No one wants to have a period stain in public.

2. Health
It must not contain any harmful materials. You see, I'm too lazy to have separate period panties and normal panties (Do you separate them??). Repeatedly tearing off the pads from panties will cause some adhesive to still stick on to the panties and the chemical (flourescer) in the adhesive will cause harm to our body.

3. Comfort
Scented ones irritate my skin. The material has to be soft, breathable and the pad has to stick well and not bunch up.
On the shelves at Watsons, FairPrice, John Little and Nishino, OG, you can find the UUcare range of sanitary products. The UUcare Group Singapore's main objective is women’s health. With advanced research on female menstrual care products, UUcare has more than 20 years experience on research and technology development in female menstrual hygiene products.
UUcare's 3G Care:
1. Guard
To protect women during menstrual period
2. Germproof
Women can better take care of themselves by using antibacterial pads
3. Grateful
To feel more comfortable and healthier during your period

Crown Antibacterial range
This series of pads gives 12-hour continuous antibacterial protection, it eliminates odors and reduces the growth of bacteria and germs, making it more secure to use. UUcare is certified antibacterial, with SGS. In the ATT antimicrobial detection technology test, the surface of an antibacterial sanitary pad turns blue while a traditional sanitary pad turns yellow.
I find that these unscented pads are so gentle on my skin, yet it also keeps away smell (thanks to it's antibacterial properties) and I am able to use them for a longer time, with confidence.

In addition, the adhesive in all UUcare sanitary pads have no flourescer in them, so I don't have to worry about any leftover adhesive on my panties harming my body.

It is made of soft cotton which is breathable, cool, fresh, odor-free. The wings are made with a 90 degree right angle wings, allowing it to fit closely to panties, preventing rubbing against inner thighs.
UUcare pads have a patented funnel shape that allows faster absorption and prevents back and side leakage. This really works well drawing blood away from the surface of the pad so I don't have to endure a damp or sticky feeling. 
From left to right: Panty liner, 24cm pad with wings for day use, 28cm pad with wings for night/day use and there's the 32cm pad with wings that is suitable for night use. 

UUcare Cool Technology range
I love how UUcare's packaging is so simple and no frills but the product delivers such great results and quality. Their focus is on innovative scientific improvements which make these pads so effective and practical.
This range also has antibacterial properties, 90 degrees wings and the adhesive is non flourescer, just like the previous range.
But in addition to all that, what makes this range extra cool is the pearl-like bump surface. Each pearl is hollow at the bottom, so that fluids can be absorbed completely, greatly reducing the contact area of  the skin, making it so breathable. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used this range, because it felt so very cool, I didn't expect it to feel so minty fresh. This fresh cool feeling lasts for a long time, because of Cool tech, it is a slow release technology that releases the cool feeling gradually as you wear it.

It locks in moisture so well and keeps my skin dry, I find that this makes my experience of using this range of pads a very comfortable one.

For this range, there is a panty liner, a 24cm pad with wings for day use, a 28cm pad with wings for day/night use and a 36 cm pad with wings for overnight use. The over night pad is a must have!

Even if you're a tampon user (I use tampons too), you shouldn't sleep with a tampon in. But I hate sleeping with a pad because I can't sleep comfortably and keep waking up to check if my pad is leaking from the back. With this 36cm overnight pad, I have no such worries. It has never failed me so far. There's double flaps (wings) so it attaches securely to the whole of my panty. Even when I'm lying down and the flow is heavy, it manages to hold everything in with its generous length and shape. Best of all, it's still cottony soft, breathable and not thick or lumpy!

To find out more about UUcare products, visit their website and Facebook page.


  1. Anonymous9:59 pm

    These sound good. Will keep them in mind for when I need actual pads. I switched to using a menstrual cup a few years back... best decision ever!!


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