UpCycle Thursday: Tights & Pantyhose

I used tights A LOT. I love them as a cover up when I feel my dress is too short, to just add a pop of colour to my outfit, to keep my legs warm in cinemas or airplanes... and if I have shoes which could blister my feet but socks don't go with my outfit.

Tights with prints or those of higher denier (more opaque ones) are not cheap and I always feel like it's such a waste when I get runs/holes in them and cannot wear them anymore. (Trim your nails Holly!!)

So here are some fun and creative pintrests on how to upcycle your old tights and panthose! :)

Wear lacey tights under ripped jeans, you wont see the runs on the tights, and it makes for interesting detail though the rips of denim.
Stretch printed tights over sewing loops and hang up near window.
Cut a section of the thigh area out and stretch the loop of fabric over a lampshade.
Roll up strips of tights into rosebuds and put together a wreath.

Cut the lengths of the legs off and wrap around head as a hairband.