SampleStore Relaunch at FullHouse

A few weeks ago, I was at the Samplestore's Kabloom! Launch party at FullHouse in Clarke Quay. It was a launch of their revamped website as well as a showcase of some of the popular beauty brands with SampleStore.
My outfit for this event was sponsored by
I'm one of their beauty editors, so you'll see my product reviews on the website, and it's a great place for you to get free samples of products so you can try before deciding to buy. Click here to sign up for samples.
Trying out new stuff..
Checking out the new site
Live Hair demos...
New products...
Make overs!
Interviewing the SampleStore editors
Huge turn out!
Co-founders giving out prizes
Photo credit: EventPhotographySingapore
 And yay! Was pleasantly surprised with my own name card for  . So any beauty related clients, you can contact my manager directly.