Review: Browhaus Lash in Bloom Extensions

The last time I had eyelash extensions was back in 2009. Back then I did it at Lucky Plaza, they were cheapo stiff ones and they were done in heavy clusters (and looked damn fake some more). After I got them removed, I was shocked at how bald my lashes were! Like seriously bad. So that put me off eyelash extensions all these years.
 But finally, I am able to go back to having beautiful lashes again because I go to Browhaus. They have many outlets, I went to the one at Raffles City. It's important to extensions done at a reputable place like Browhaus which specializes in such services. They use good quality lashes which are light and soft, they are applied by skilled therapists and you can go back to them for maintenance.
I opted for the Lash in Bloom eyelash extensions. These are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are applied individually by hand to give fuller, longer and natural looking lashes. Browhaus uses fine quality, lightweight individual lash. My therapist customized the length and density of the lashes to create the perfect set of lashes to frame my eyes.

 Above are the Before pictures of me with no mascara, bare eyelids. Everything just looks so bare, and harsh. I usually use waterprooof mascara (which is a nightmare to clean off) or if I can be bothered and have the time, I will stick on falsies.  

The process was gentle and painless, all I had to do is lie down on their comfy bed and keep my eyes shut. I even fell asleep! There's no strong glue smell nor any stinging feeling.

After just an hour at Browhaus, I have long lashes! They look and feel very natural. It's comfortable to wear because they are so soft.  So for the next month or so, I can chuck away my mascara, and I can make up in much less time. Best of all, my peepers look so pretty. I like!

Just look how natural they look! Each individual strand is so fine and defined. Not clumpy or stiff looking.  Doesn’t pull out or weigh my real lashes down.

The Lash in Bloom: Strand by Strand Extensions costs $128, a tune up (touch up) within 3 weeks costs just $11. You can get more info on this, as well as other lash and eyebrow services at the Browhaus website or Facebook page.

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For appointments @
Tampines 1 (Tel: 6782 8976)
ION (Tel: 6634 9303)
Mandarin Gallery (Tel: 6235 3402)
Great World City (Tel: 6733 8908)
Raffles City B1 (Tel: 6337 0070)
Paragon (Tel: 6737 6585)
Holland Village (Tel: 6467 9550)
The Cathay (Tel: 6737 0335)
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