Men are Much More Superficial?

I watched these two videos last week. It's like a social experiment. One male and one female actor wear a convincing fat suit on a first date. Now the dates were taken from Tinder (I'm out of the dating game for some time now, but Tinder sounds like the kind of thing I would engage in if I were single... it's like online matchmaking websites only simpler to use, and easier to make a quick connection).

Have a look at the reactions of the men and the women who turned up for the date only to realize that the person is a whole lot fatter than in their Tinder photo.

None of the men stayed. Not one. But the women were more forgiving/accommodating to the obvious disparity.

Does that mean that men are more superficial? The experiment seems to want to prove so.

But honestly, I don't think that's true. You see, having gone on many online dates in my past, I have had my fair share of men who turned up looking nothing like their pictures.

One was like 10 years older than the photo of himself he used in his profile.
Another used a photo from 15 kilos ago.
And I had one who turned up looking completely different!! And he said that the reason is because he doesn't want any of his friends to see his photo on an online dating website and recognize him. Hmm, but if that were the case, he could have always explained and sent me his real photo directly to me BEFORE meeting me right? And also why the fuck would he use a photo of a much much much more handsome man?

So yeah, if I don't want to go out with these people.... it's not because I'm superficial. (In fact, I've dated older, fatter and uglier men in the past... ok maybe not uglier lol). It's because I don't like being deceived and it's a big turn-off when someone pretends to be someone they are not, just to get a date.

And I think a few of those girls who didn't walk away were just being polite. I never walked away from any of those dates... I just finished the date cordially and then never contacted them again after. I bet you that in a real life situation, that fat guy would never actually get a call back, and the girls will just make excuses and never see him again.

I think guys just react more strongly and immediately to being duped and having their time wasted. What would you do in such a situation? (Or what have you done)


  1. Jayla8:56 pm

    Actually one man stayed. Did you watch the video till the end?

  2. Anonymous11:29 am

    What about women who spend a lot of time and money beautifying themselves? Would they be considered superficial?

    I think women love beauty and men appreciate beauty. That is natural, right? How could men who appreciate beauty be considered superficial while women who pursue it be free from the same label as well?

    I'd prefer to view the social experiment above as one on how different genders react to being scammed. Participants of both genders made an informed decision to turn up for the dates based on the knowledge they had gathered. It is only fair to acknowledged they had done their due diligence. None knew that they'd be played out.

    If the experiment reveals anything, it only reveals that men are less tolerable if they are misled as compared to women.

  3. Anonymous12:06 pm

    I wonder if this study could be interpreted as showing that guys are honest enough to say how they feel and women will bare with the circumstance and perhaps lead a guy to believe that they are well perceived. Basically, women are fake and men say what they really feel. Just a thought.

  4. tiffi2:22 pm

    there is a studies that show men and women both want exit the dating scene immediately (given they met unattractive opposite sex, people they never consider as marriage material ....) however of different reaction. men cut to the chase. women...want cut to the chase but held back because they are more fearful of psycho serial killers lol


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