Going Darker....

I enjoyed having my hair a lighter shade than my natural colour... but after almost a year of having this light brown, I wanted to go back to the dark side. Went to Plan B Hair Studio at Far East Plaza again... my usual stylist Ricky  :)
I think a rich dark hair colour is great for the fall/winter season of clothes and make up. And going darker can be a lower-maintenance hair color option.  It requires less frequent refreshing, and the grow out isn't as obvious compared to when you dye your hair a much lighter colour. 
There are a lot of different tones even in dark hair color, and it's important to get a stylist that can pick a tone that suits you.
Here's my final look for this season. While you may lose the brightness of lighter hair, dark hair is typically much shinier and healthier looking.  It reflects light differently and looks rich and vibrant. I feel it suits my skin tone and features better.
You likey???? 

Hit Play to see a 20 second video of my time at Plan B Hair Studio yesterday :)

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