True Best Friends Forever

True friends are not easy to find, but very easy to keep because they stand the test of time, the test of distance and are still around when all the other friends have come and gone.

I met my best friend in junior college. We were in the same class but were not that close at the start. She was the artsy, Winona Ryder looking girl who usually had her uniform in a disheveled state (always got paint on her skirt type). I was the quiet geek who liked tucking her shirt neatly and tightly into her skirt. I remember her sitting next to me in class one day and saying, "Can I step on your shoes? They are too white!"

She didn't say it in a mean girl kind of way, she said it because she's just weird like that. She's still pretty much like that to this day. hahaaa
When I started uni and she went to NIE, we started to get a lot closer. We hung out a lot and I just enjoyed her company a lot. We went through many boyfriends in our teens and early 20s, and were very loose lipped about our relationships and our adventures. No secret too dark or deep for us.
After teaching in Singapore, she went to teach in Indonesia for a few years. But we we were still in contact and would still see each other every few months. Then she got married, got pregnant and came back to raise her family in Singapore... I was like YESSSSS!!

We just accept each other with all our flaws. We got each other's backs. I'm actually quite a selfish person but I never bat an eyelid when I'm sharing anything good I have with her. We don't gossip behind each other's backs. We never look down on each other. We don't get jealous. Remember, a true friend will never be jealous of your success. They will be proud and happy for you.
We have known each other for about 16 years now, and many friends have come into and gone out of my life during this time. Now, apart from my BFF, I have a couple of girlfriends whom I still consider my besties, I met them when I was teaching 10 years ago.

Have you got a true BFF?


  1. Wahaha my friend in school used to ask me to step on her shoes whenever she has a new pair cos she doesn't like them clean.

  2. Yes! Priss!!! 15 years and counting hohoho ^^


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