If you want to buy or sell your laptop

I just got a new laptop for my advanced birthday present... and also because I need a bigger laptop to do my work... been needing one for a long time actually.

My old one is just a netbook but still in good condition, such a shame to just store it and forget about it. So I went to my Carousell app and looked for laptop buyers. I found one guy who was willing to buy it from me.

Was glad to find him because he's friendly, helpful and most importantly, honest. I just dropped my laptop off today and he paid me in cash. Good price and he didn't bring the price down during the meet-up (I read bad reviews on some other dealers who start pushing the price down after it was already agreed upon). He's not like that.

So if you want to sell your laptop, or buy a second hand laptop from someone trustworthy, I recommend Calvin from GadgetsHouse    (http://carousell.co/gadgets_house/ ) (he is in ang mo kio, near MRT). Say you got the contact number from Holly :)  he'll give you a good deal.

There are some models of laptops which he won't buy, but you can always just Msg him through that Carousell link to enquire and he'll let you know the price to buy/sell etc. He didn't ask me to broadcast this lol, but I just thought I'd spread the word since I'm pleased to have met him and I think my readers will have pleasant transactions with him too.


I love my new lappie which we bought from SimLim last weekend, it's a red Fujitsu but I think something is wrong with it. I can't watch youtube videos man! WTF. Both IE and Chrome... just shows a black box where the video should be   :(  anyone knows why? Is it some setting I have to adjust or do I have to take my laptop back to SimLim because it's faulty? (argh so troublesome!) Help :(

Update_ ok I think problem solved


  1. worldpeas7:34 am

    Is flash player installed?

    1. Yes . It wasn't at first but I installed it adobe flash player 14. But still black screen on YouTube vids.


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