Buffet Dinner at the Mariott (2 for 1 deal)

Last Friday, I was helping my mum at her place, so on my way home, I picked David up from work (he works close to my mum's). So he ended up getting home early that Friday (usually he only reaches back close to 7PM, and so tired ugh!). To my delight, he said he'd take me out for dinner. Yay! No need to eat my poor cooking, and it's been a while since we had a date night out.
I browsed through the Entertainer app and we decided to having the buffet at Marriott Cafe.
The dinner buffet at the Marriott has all my favs like Oysters, lobsters, prawns, Sashimi. Bring it on!
 Sashimi was so fresh and yummy. Melts in my mouth. 
The fresh seafood was of great quality, I especially love the prawns and lobster claws. Oyster was good too, but they only have one type, not a selection of different types of oysters.
 Ok honestly, I got excited when I saw pepper crabbbbb! But it was ok only, more on the sweet side and not peppery enough. The duck was superb, as expected. The Char Siew didn't look like it was going to be good, it wasn't reddish like the char siew I'm used to. So I only took 2 small slices (there next to the duck skin). But when I ate it, OMG. So freaking delicious!!!! Of course I went back for more. So seriously, when you're there, try this char siew, don't skip it.
At the end of it, I didn't have much room left for dessert. Need to pace myself better next time lol.
Buffet dinner at the Marriott is priced at $78++ per person... so we saved a whopping $78++ by using our Entertainer Sg app at the Marriott last Friday. (Alcohol is not included in the buffet price, it's an additional $48++ if you want free flow beer and wine.)

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