The Entertainer 1 Month Trial

Did you know, you can purchase the 1 month entertainer app membership for Sg$19? If you purchase the 1 month membership on 20 August for instance, you can access all the deals for restaurants, bars, leisure, body, kids and services listed in your entertainer app until 20th September. You can save so much money using this app.
Just used it at Dunkin Donuts recently. The store in ION has moved down 2 floors, to B4. 
So many people buying yummy donuts. If only they knew they could be getting free donuts with their purchases if they just used the Entertainer App there. The Entertainer app is full of 2-for-1 deals... buy one get one free!!!
 Choices.. choices...
 Lola looking at my donut....
No Dog, Donuts are for humans only. Unlucky.  Ok, see your face so poor thing, I think I'll take you to a pet cafe next so you can eat with me, I can get 2-for-1 using The Entertainer at Paw Pet-radise Cafe too!

To get your 1 month Entertainer membership at $19, just go to this special link and Click BUY NOW and apply code @hollyjean69 at checkout. You won’t be able to get this 1 month entertainer membership anywhere else. You will also find more information about the Entertainer App and how it works.