Sonya Cosmetics

flawless by Sonya™ cosmetics is one of the only aloe vera-based cosmetic lines in the world that delivers skin care and makeup in one.
Packaging is dark purple and reflective.
Today I'm reviewing the Volumizing Mascara, Brilliant Blush and Delicious Lipstick.
My face without Mascara, blush and lipstick.
The thing I like about Sonya cosmetics is that not only are the ingredients natural, but the end result is natural looking too. A kind of effortless beauty.
A single coat of mascara.
With the volumizing mascara, my lashes thicker. If you want a more dramatic party look, you will need probably up to 4 coats as this is not a heavy mascara. Even though it adds volume, it is absolutely not clumpy looking at all. Staying power is pretty good, it doesn't smudge and make me all panda eyed. However, it won't last through a swimming session. Despite this, it's still a great everyday mascara, because it looks good and natural, and it's easy to clean off (does not leave a black stain on my skin when I wash it off).
Blush gives a natural glow.
The blush is my favourite. The particles are so fine and smooth, it glides onto my skin very easily and the colour shows up in a natural, beautiful glow. And it stays put, does not oxidize or disappear at the end of the day. It doesn't come with a mini brush, but I always use my own large blush anyway. There are 6 shades, I'm using number 391 (Olivia).
Soft and natural lip colour.
The lippie I have is a natural peach shade. I love nude or natural shades, because I think it helps me look younger compared to a darker colour. This lipstick is very moisturising because it is infused with aloe vera. I think the only trade off is that, such lippies don't have very strong staying or staining power. It will not last through a meal, but re application is easy. And upon application, lips are luscious, soft and moist. 

All in all, these make up products protect, nourish and sooth the skin and lips and lashes.
All of the Sonya make up products are aloe vera based and contain no harsh chemicals. In fact, everything is organic and has the Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval. Plus the Kosher Seal of Approval and the Islamic Seal of Approval. 

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