Share Tea, 2-for-1 Milk Tea Series

Who loves Share Tea? I bet you would love FREE Share Tea even more! :-D
I was at the Share Tea outlet at Marina link, #B1-20. And was delighted to see this sign...
The Entertainer Singapore Offers Accepted Here. Whoo hoo!
I bought a milk tea for my friend, and got myself a Honey Milk Tea. Flashed my Entertainer app (which entitles me to 2-for-1 on any milk tea series), and I only paid for one cup.
It's the no.1 premium bubble tea in Taiwan. Each cup is made from scratch and comes in milk or fruit flavours. They have so many different choices. You can add whatever pearls or jelly you want, but I prefer mine plain. 
Mmmmm, so nice. Milk tea is my comfort drink... and Share Tea makes really good bubble tea. 

Enjoy a Free Cup of Share Tea with every cup you purchase. Plus hundreds of other great 2-for-1 deals on food, drink, massages, recreation all around Singapore. 

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