MARco marCO Italian Restaurant

Just tried MARco marCO with my friend Kuen a few days ago. It's a casual restaurant which serves Italian food- Pasta, Panini and Pizza. Service was super fast, fuss free and prices were between $7.90 to $12.90. It's like fast food without eating junk food. 
 I used my entertainer app again :) 2-for-1. So we got 2 classic pastas but only needed to pay for one. 
We went to the outlet at Novena Square... the layout is very casual, with a modern industrial type feel to the place. It was empty when we got there before lunch hour. 
But by the time we were done with our meal... a queue was building up.
 I had the classic Bologna which is spaghetti with mince beef in a tomato based sauce. Pasta is cooked just right, al dente. There was a good amount of beef and sauce which tasted delicious.
 Kuen had the Abruzzo which is just an aglio olio... it's a bit plain... I think my Bologna was nicer.  
Bon app├ętit!

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