Laksania .. for Laksa Lovers

Was browsing through my entertainer app, looking for a new food place to try out because I was meeting a friend for lunch... and I came across Laksania at Bugis+. Love using the Entertainer app to try new places I would have otherwise never thought of going to.
Laksania is a social enterprise that was started in 2008. They employ those marginalised by their mental or physical disability and enable them to earn a living using their own efforts. They set up a central kitchen in IMH to hire and train IMH clients. They believe that work is the best form of therapy. Their employees get on-the-job training in the various aspects of F&B and have been fully integrated into the business model. Kudos, guys!
Using the Entertainer App at Laksania, I can get a free main course with every main course I purchase. They have 7 different types of Laksa for you to choose from... and Laksa burgers, Laksa rice, Laksa Hotpot, Laksa pasta... 
I'm a Singapore Laksa kind of girl. Creamy gravy, mmm so tasty. Singapore laksa has cockles, egg, prawn, taopok and fishcake in it.
My friend had the Sarawak Laksa which is not creamy, more soupy, and unlike other Laksas I've had before, this one has shredded chicken.
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It's also suitable for my Muslim friends as this place is Halal. Dig in!!