In Deep Ocean

I was at OCEAN Restaurant by Cat Cora yesterday afternoon. Was so excited to be invited to this Hada Labo event because I do use Hada Labo products a lot and I've never been to this underwater restaurant before :)
My outfit is the Forgive Me dress from ClubCouture, it says I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry . lol  :)  This place is so tranquil, there's something very calming about seeing fish swim. It feels like you're dining in the deep ocean.
At the event, Hada Labo shared with us their new lotion formulation which makes it even more hydrating than before. Hada Labo's new local ambassador is Michelle Chia and the new international ambassador is Jun Ji Hyun. Both of them are such natural beauties, right in line with what Hada Labo is because Hada Labo products do not contain harmful chemicals or unnecessary fragrances, making it the more natural choice for skin.
 The Hada labo lab scientist explaining to us the New Generation 4 Interlocked Hyaluronic Acids which is now in the Hada Labo lotions. We left with a goodie bag with the new hydrating lotions as well as the Air BB cream and Air Aqua UV. You can find out more from the Hada Labo Facebook page
One Drop Locks Up An Ocean.... *splash*  :)