Fresh Colour = More Youthful Look

My birthday is coming... I'm turning 34 at the end of next month. Woah, I'm already in the mid 30s... where did time go? 
I still love my pink ends, but my brown hair was looking really flat and lifeless, plus ugly black roots were showing because I didn't have time to go down to the salon for 2 months now. Anyway, as a special birthday treat to myself, and in a bid to maintain a youthful appearance, I refreshed my colour at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio a few days ago. 
My stylist Willam gave my hair a light brown colour refresher. But we kept the pink as it is without re-colouring it because I love the shade of pink that it has faded to so far. I'm impressed that the pink has such good staying power... usually with such colours, they fade away quite fast.
 After colouring, it was time for my usual hair and scalp treatment.
 Oh I really missed the hair treatments there for the past couple of months. They are so pampering and of course, the results after are great. Soft and glossy hair, and a clean healthy scalp.

After a quick blowdry and trim, I was good to go! So ready for September and can't wait for my birthday! 

Enhancing your hair colour as you age is a way to keep looking young and fresh. Lighten up your color a few shades—this will take years off! The key is to choose a tone that suits you. I trust William's eye for colour compatibility. Super love this soft brown shade for me.

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  1. Anonymous10:20 am

    No matter what color your hair is, it's gorgeous. Personally, I prefer your original color but it's not a downgrade when you color it! Your guy is very lucky to have you. I mean that sincerely. :)

  2. Anonymous8:50 am

    No matter what color have you dye still look dead and dull babe. You just have no sense of dressing up your face. Yes some people don't need makeup but trust me..Some people really do!! Like you! Mascara line your eyes bronzer red lips! Glam your haggard old look babe. You look way beyond 34.
    With effort, you CAN look pretty! Trust me.
    But sorry honey, you can't pull off that no makeup look. You look like s corpse. And your hair. Considering you have a long skinny face...Some volume would work wonders for you! And your dressing...don't even get me started. Grow up. Be a sophisticated lady for your old man. Don't act cute dearie. It just doesn't compliment David. He is such a manly man. ;)

    1. Oh dear, just yesterday a lady came up to me at the mall and asked where I did my hair. She did pink ends but hers didn't turn out well. She wanted the contact for my hair dresser so I have her my name card and told her to look on my blog for it as I had just written about it. I told her shunji at taka but she was not familiar as she's an expat. So I thought best way was just pass her my card.

      I hope u aren't her because I was only trying to help and you sound so bitter and jealous! I wldnt want to help ppl like you.

  3. Anonymous9:16 am

    Im amused! :) jealous of you? That joke just drove my Monday blues away!! Truth hurts hey honey? ;)
    It is indeed true that the only nice thing about you is your pinky ends but don't do it justice! Cheers


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