Protrend Color Lenses Now in Singapore :)

For a long time now, I've noticed many people from other countires using Pro Trend Color contact lenses in their instagram pics and I love the look. The colours and designs are very natural and soft looking. 

Then one day, I saw my friend Dblchin Clara in Singapore using the lenses on her Instagram pic and I was like WhooHoo!! They have them in Singapore!

ProTrendColorSingapore sells the lenses are $19 per pair. They are monthly disposable lenses. They also have a promo right now- Buy 3 get 1 free if you like the ProtrendColorSingapore Facebook Page.

They arrived by mail protected in bubblewrap. Love the girly packaging.

In each box there are 2 little sealed bottles which contain a pair of lenses and there is a plastic lens case for you to store the lenses.
Oh my! So cute! It's important to dispose and change lens case frequently for hygiene purposes so it's great that each pair you buy from Pro Trend Color comes with a case.
I chose 3 different designs of lenses. Here's a look at what each of the actual lens itself looks like. I chose these 3 designs because they do not have an ultra obvious dark limbal ring (limbal ring is the dark ring of colour around the iris), so they look much more natural and not harsh looking. And I always get Gray coloured lenses, I think it suits me better... you can try brown, green, blue, etc. The number 6.50 is my degree (yah I know, damn high)... but you can order them in your own degree or even in Plano which means no degree at all if you have perfect eyesight and just want to have nice coloured lenses. 
I like SECRET gray, it's the most natural style and colour that I have tried. 
Not too obvious or vivid, yet it does make my eyes have a touch of colour and look bigger.
ALLURE sky gray is more of a bluish gray. It's the lightest shade of the 3 pairs I chose. 
The colour feels almost translucent... so beautiful.
Here is a pic of my natural eye colour on the left side, and Pro Trend Color's ALLURE sky gray on the right, so you can see the difference. I do like just my natural eye colour as well, but sometimes a new colour can make my make up look better, or just give my face a refreshing change. Apart from adding colour, these lenses make your iris larger as they have a 14.5mm to 15mm effect once worn.
MELODY gray is very sweet. The pattern actually has tones of light blue and pinkish beige mixed in with the gray. I can't decide which design I like better actually....  They are all so pretty!!
In terms of comfort, these are better quality and more comfortable to wear than most of my monthly big eye coloured lenses. Of course, you cannot sleep in them but for wearing throughout the day, I found that there wasn't any irritation or friction. I tend to have dry eyes in aircon environment, but just eyedrops solves this problem easily. I also hate it when poor fitting lenses slide around my eyeball but I don't have this problem with Pro Trend Color lenses. 

You can order or ask questions by messaging them through their FB page.
You can also check out more pics of the lenses on  ProTrendColorSingapore's Instagram.