Neutrogena Deep Clean Review

Since I was a teenager, I've been familiar with the brand Neutrogena. I still use the Neutrogena Rain Bath when I shower because it is incredibly refreshing... and I used to use the Neutrogena Cleansing Bar when I had an acne plagued phase as a teenager. Neutrogena products have always been affordable and easily available off the shelves of any toiletries store. And it's a brand that is synonymous with high quality. It's a brand that has over 60 years experience in skin care. In fact, it is the #1 dermatologist-recommended skin care brand.
I've been having some build up on my skin, it doesn't feel smooth. I just came back from Phuket a couple of weeks ago, it was constant sweat and sunblock on my face... with rather lazy and lax cleansing once I'm exhausted back at the hotel  :(  

A good cleanser is a true foundation of beauty. With healthy skin, I look better naturally, because my complexion becomes more radiant. Even when I do use make up, it applies better on my skin without looking patchy or uneven.
So I decided to get the Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser to give my skin a deep clean, without stripping it of all the moisture in the process and because I have dry sensitive skin so I really can't afford to use a harsh cleanser.

I just squirt a pea sized amount on my finger and it's a fresh minty green colour. This product doesn't have a strong scent, it's very pleasant. It creates a rich lather in my hands and this lather feels gentle on my face. Even when I work the lather into my skin, in a light massaging motion, it doesn't sting my skin. Usually other cleansers which promise a deep clean can be too harsh on my skin and I feel it stinging after a few seconds. I don't have this problem with Neutrogena Deep Clean.
It rinses off easily and doesn't leave behind any residue. Straight after cleansing, my skin feels cleaner and fresher but not dry and not tight. It actually feels supple and soft. This cleaner has a water mineral complex which delivers 2 times the power of Hydrating. It definitely delivers hydration as promised.
After a week of use, I find my skin getting smoother, and the build up I had before is gone. With every wash, it removed impurities from deep within to leave my skin clean and more hydrated.

This cleanser provides effective cleaning (99% impurity removal) and hydration that leaves the face looking clean and supple. This happens because of use of special water mineral complex.Water mineral complex consists of the combination of Copper Gluconate; Magnesium Aspartate; Zinc Gluconate and Water all of which are known to improve skin hydration.
I find that when my skin is cleaned properly, it is better able to absorb nutrients and my other skin care products like my moisturiser and serum sink into my skin more easily. It makes my foundation and powder sit better and longer on my skin. If you have dirty skin with clogged pores and build up of impurities, it just messes up all your other skin care steps. So why not get it right from the start, especially since it's so easy to get a deep clean.

Here's my short video review: 

I love this Deep Clean range because it makes perfect sense to me. You need a product that can cleanses your skin from deep within in order for it to deliver its hydrating effects. It's not just on the surface, but it's a daily commitment to keep skin clean and thus keep improving from the benefits delivered by  the product.

If you don't have dry skin and want a deep clean with a brightening effect instead, try the Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser. It has vitamin complex and mulberry extracts for 2 X brightening.

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  1. What Neutrogena toner do you suggest as partner for this cleanser?
    ~Pauline @neutrogena philippines

    1. Hi Pauline
      If recommend the pore refining toner :)


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