Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence

Love love love Neutrogena products and am absolutely loving the new Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare line.
Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare line has a unique combination of VITAL-IONSTM and Lily Nectar that work together to lighten dark spots and revitalise skin from deep within. 

VITAL-IONSTM technology contains zinc and copper minerals that help boost energy supply to the skin cells as a catalyst to revitalise the skin’s cellular renewal process to quickly disperse the accumulated melanin.

Lily Nectar, which comprises of White Lily extracts and stabilized Vitamin C, inhibits melanin formation by blocking the skin’s ‘melanin production’ signals, which are normally activated when the skin is over-exposed to the sun’s UV rays.
I've used several whitening products before and while there are some good ones in the market right now, their prices are on the very high end. When it comes to the more affordable brands, I was disappointed to find that results were disappointing. I especially hated the ones which promised whitening and had special ingredients like pearl powder because all it did was put powdery white or reflective particles on my skin surface so it gave only the illusion of brighter skin. That's not what I'm looking for! 

My biggest skin concerns, are pre-mature aging in the form of sun spots and having a dull skin tone. So I only consider a product to be truly whitening when it gives my skin a natural radiance ... not a mask!

My favourite product from this range is the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence, $45.90. Just one bottle can lighten a year's build up of subborn dark spots. It is dermatologist tested to give visible results in just 3 weeks.
There is a dual pump on this bottle which pumps an even amount of two liquids at the same time. One is more gel like and the other is creamier. When mixed together it feels emollient but still very light weight. Just like the packaging of this range which is an elegant white and gold... the pleasant floral scent of the product smells very luxe and high end.  

I just apply it over my face, it spreads easily, gliding on my skin and it gets absorbed very quickly. It has no sticky or heavy residue on my skin surface, so I can continue with my other products or make-up straight after.

After a couple weeks of use, I notice that my skin is brighter and more radiant... the little uneven bits like sunspots around my forehead and cheeks which I have had forever have diminished and lightened. 

Here is my video review of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Radiance Essence:
Here is the Tried & Tested video from Neutrogena.

The other products in this range are:

Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream, $34.90
This is a very rich cream provides sufficient hydration for dewy soft, smooth and moisturised skin with youthful luminosity. I spread a small amount evenly on my face and neck every night after using my Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence. When I wake up in the morning, my skin still feels very moisturised and supple.

Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF50+ PA+++, $34.90
Sun protection is important but I don't like it when it feels heavy or clogs my pores and I especially hate it when it has that sunblock type of smell. This product is great because it is lightweight and provides a non-sticky finish. The scent is the same pleasant floral scent as with the other 2 products in this range. 
The fluid has a light purple tinge/colour to it and that gives instant skin tone correction. So it doesn't only protect, it corrects.

It comes off easily with my regular cleansing so I don't have to worry about it clogging my pores or causing a build up on my skin. I just apply it onto my face and neck before I do my make up in the morning and off I go. It feels matte and the finish is non greasy.
For more information on these products, you can visit the Neutrogena Singapore Facebook site, and their Whitening page on the Neutrogena Singapore Facebook page.