Mmmm Cranberry Yogurt Floats :)

So far I've been sharing with you how I use my Entertainer App for big items like Free Flow Prosecco brunches and spa massages. While the Entertainer is great for saving money on those high value items ... it also has plenty of deals for the little things you come across daily.

Whenever I'm in a mall or different neighbourhood, one of the first things I do is search my entertainer for deals near me. For example, if I'm thirsty and want to buy a drink, I might as well get another one free right? :)
I was at Downtown East in Pasir ris the other day to see my mum and I used my Entertainer at The Yogurt Place. 
I love their Yogurt floats, especially on a hot day. The frozen yogurt is not too sweet, and paired with the cranberry juice it is so refreshing. And healthier than like having a fizzy drink too!
The regular price is $4 each. But I got 2 for $4 with my Entertainer app. So one for me, and one for my mum :)
Try the Entertainer for 1 month. A single month membership is priced at SG$19 and you can access all the deals for restaurants, bars, leisure, body, kids and services for one month. 

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At the end of August, the one month mobile membership will go back to being sold at $19 instead of $15, so do buy it before then!