Get Your First BagCharmLove Dress

You've seen me wear the HL inspired dresses from BagCharmLove for over a year now. Have you taken the plunge to get one for yourself? ( I swear you will forever be a convert!)
Well, let me nudge you along ... all my sponsored friends will receive a $5 voucher from BagCharmLove that can be used immediately. Just click here, and then register for an account at BagCharmLove ... key in my email ( under sponsorship program and you will receive the $5 voucher which you can use straight away.
Use this voucher to offset your very first purchase from BagCharmLove. Their prices range from sgd 20plus to 60plus.

What's more, once you register, you too can sponsor your friends so they will get a $5 voucher and when they make their first purchase, you get a $5 voucher too. The more people you sponsor, the more you get rewarded.

Great timing because they just launched a new collection today. Happy shopping ladies :)