Worst Wedding Guests

My wedding didn't really have any bad guests. At most, some people got really drunk towards the end of the celebrations, but that was at the after party down at the beach at Cafe Mambo Sentosa and we totally anticipated it. 

The ceremony and lunch at the Moevenpic Heritage Hotel on Sentosa was great and I didn't sweat the little things... like wrong music playing, the waiters asking my guests if they wanted chicken or fish when I already specifically fixed it as ALL fish, except the muslim table (and there was only one muslim table) so when other guests started saying, oh there's fish, ok I'll have fish... there wasn't enough fish to go around! 

Also, I had one whole table almost empty (only 3 of my friends sitting).... because a whole bunch of David's guests didn't turn up. I really should be mad at him, because I spent so much time planning all this and sending the invites out. All I asked him to do was call and check on his friends who didn't RSVP. I did that for my side of the guest list, I even messaged and reminded my friends about it in the days leading up to the wedding because I'm obsessive like that. But for his friends, he just said, "They'll be there."   -_-  hmph.

So yeah the worse kind of people to invite to your wedding are the kind of people who just don't turn up last minute... very bad.... don't they know the cost of each seat at a wedding banquet? Or the time that was put in to the sitting arrangements? Don't they care that their action says... meh... I changed my mind about going last minute because I woke up feeling lazy?

I surprised myself by not freaking out that day, but I guess you don't really have the time to freak out on your wedding day, everything just goes so fast!


  1. tiffiany2:41 pm

    Hi Holly,
    I enjoy reading your candid perspective on relationship and men. sincerely, i look up to you as our sexual goddess, lol :)
    you know what, last night while i was making out with my husband. halfway through the act, i subconsciously pooped on the bed! oh gosh..it happened so fast i was clueless. the next i knew my husband was chuckling a little, exclaming "eeee pooped on the bed"..laughing . i turned my head and saw a small dump of my poop smacked in the middle of the bed! being man, he jumped in the act of taking out the whole bed sheet, made trips to toilet and wash..the whole time i was sitting in the living room, feeling really embarrassed . i knew i have to tell you this. you are really appear in my mind and someone i must tell to so here am i sharing my embarrassing sexual story, lol.

    oh..after he is done with the washing..he came to hug me in living room. and said it's ok, it's ok. by then i started to cry. lol

    have you experienced any sexual embarrassing moment like this?

    1. Hahaha thanks for sharing. OMG I would be mortified !!! But I have to say ur husband handled it so fucking well! If my husband poops on the bed by accident, I wld clean it and laugh and not make him feel bad. He farted on the sofa, and accidentally popped his pants once. That's the furthest we had, and yes, I cleaned his pants for him while he jumped in the shower.

      But if it were the reverse, and let's say I popped the bed. He will laugh but I don't think he will clean. Cos he don't even clean out dogs poop ever. -_- so you have a very good man!

    2. Wtf so many autocorrects. Bloody phone. Hope u under stand what I said in above comment.

      POOPED not popped. Lol

      And OUR DOG. Not out dog

  2. tiffiany10:21 am

    Dear Holly

    Thank you my love for your kindness and encouragement :)

    I was reading your reply with such happy smile in my heart yesterday on the train.
    was replying but my reply can't go through (stuck at "sent") so i use my pc now :)

    oh a cold joke must share with you. yesterday my menses came. i made a joke and told my husband : "my back hole made such a silly mistake than my front hole laughed till it vomit blood" lol.

    then last night i tested his memory. i said "u have short term memory right, righttttt" he said "ya.."
    "so what happened last night"
    "oh u pooped" -> smiled widely.. haha.

    oops. now you remind me it really did look like typical dog poop

    continue to shine in your hollyness, my dear highness! hehe
    enjoy your thailand trip!


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