The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet Review

I'm back in sunny Singapore ! Back in the heat!  :) 
I only just got my hands on the new The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet & Body Sorbets to test out.  These products will be in stores on the 16th of June 2014. 

Perfect to beat the heat... I love applying the body sorbet on my skin after showering! I store these sorbets in the fridge for an extra refreshing feel. I always love the shower gels and body butters at The Body Shop because of the smells, especially the fruity scents. But sometimes I find the body butters just too thick for hot sweaty days. 

These sorbets are very hydrating yet they are much lighter and easily absorbed into my skin. Available in four fruity flavours - Strawberry, Mango, Peach and Satsuma and one floral fragrance - Moringa. They contain 100% organic Community Fair Trade Aloe Vera from Guatemala.
For my face, I like using the Vitamin E Aqua boost Sorbet as a day time moisturiser. 

With wheatgerm oil, and Community Fair Trade shea butter and soya oil, Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet combines natural moisturising power with the latest technology to hydrate. Each pot contains over 2 MILLION Aqua Spheres, delivering a 24 HOUR feed of moisturisation to my skin. 

I love the light texture that sinks quickly into my skin leaving a rather matte finish. It feels cooling on the skin. This sorbet is not heavy or sticky like a cream. It has a light floral scent. 

Yes it's hot and often sweltering here in Singapore, but after spending more than a month in the cold, I'm happy to traipse about in my singlet, shorts and flip flops again... end enjoying refreshing COLD showers (hated showering in Scotland cos it gets uncomfortably too cold to take my clothes off! So I kinda only showered every other day there.. lol.. ewww me right). 


  1. Anonymous6:02 pm

    are these press samples? it would be nice if u indicated if they were sent to you so we know your reviews are not biased

  2. Yes. The body shop sends me ALL their new products all the time actually. So they are all free. But I'm not obligated to write a review on abt of them. On my blog, I just share the ones I really like and catch my eye.


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