KohePets Great Singapore Sale

I'm in Phuket at the moment. And theres something about this trip I want to talk about, so I'll blog about that hopefully tomorrow when I find a bit of time to sit at the computer...
Before I left for Phuket, I got dog food and treats from KohePets online. Delivery is right to my doorstep (in Singapore) and it's free delivery for orders above $50. You can pay online or just pay cash on delivery. Very convenient, prices are great and their range of pet food, treats, and accessories is huge. Right now they're having lots of deals because of the Great Singapore Sale too.

New product that caught my eye. From the brand Barking Heads... love the cute packaging and decided to try it because it comes in small packages. Lola doesn't like to eat much kibbles (but it's good for her diet!) so she takes a very long time to finish large bags of kibbles, so I prefer to buy the smallest portions available as I feel it keeps her food fresher, not stored in my cupboard so long. Large bags better for big dogs, or dogs on purely kibble diets.
I chose the Barking Heads Fusspot Salmon & Potato (2Kg bag/ $27)... it's supposed to be great for picky eaters. So happy she's eating up the kibbles I put in her bowl instead of turning her nose up at kibbles. Hope she keeps this up.  :)
I usually get the Cheese sticks for her from this brand called DoggyMan... and she loves them. This time I noticed that KohePets has a new flavours of DoggyMan treats. I just thought I'd get the DoggyMan Hello Doggy Cheese with Pumpkin  and the DoggyMan Round Sasami . OMG She loves them both. Yummm!

P/S - We are planning to get another dog... but I worry it might not get along with Lola, or will be too much hard work.. cos not every dog is as easy going as Lola. Do you know of any home breeders which have mixed dogs? Or any young dogs for adoption (below 4 yrs)? Like Lola who is a Mini MorKie (Maltese and Yorkie), I'd like to get maybe a MalChi (Maltese and Chihuahua cross).

PP/S- for those who worry... Lola is not in some kennel while we are away on holiday. She's at my mum and dad's home, where she grew up at, so she's very used to it and happy to be there.