Help your child to reach 5 #helpachildreach5 (Sponsored Video)

I just came across this video campaign by Lifebuoy. It's part of their project- "Help your child to reach 5", trying to stop the spread of diseases causing 5000 children under 5 to die every year.

It's so sad. Nothing can surpass the love of a mother for her child or the sadness of losing a child. In Utari’s village in Indonesia, a tree is planted at a child’s birth. In such villages, many children lose their lives before their fifth birthday to diseases like diarrhoea that could be prevented through washing hands. All that remains, as in Utari’s case, is the tree.

The simple act of hand washing with soap and water is something we take for granted. Even in 'clean' countries like Singapore, I know that frequent washing keeps my hands germ free and helps prevent flu and infections.

Lifebuoy’s on a mission to help celebrate every child’s fifth birthday, by stopping the spread of preventable diseases which cause 5,000 children under five to die every day.
The simple act of hand washing can prevent many life-threatening diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia. Last year, Lifebuoy adopted Thesgora, India and by teaching healthy hand washing habits, reduced incidents of diarrhoea from 36% to 5%. This year, they will adopt Bitobe, Indonesia.

You can find out more from the Lifebuoy Facebook page or Lifebuoy website. Help children reach their 5th birthday by sharing this video and Utari’s story on social media with #helpachildreach5

*Sponsored by Lifebuoy