I'm So Cold Lah!

Hey ho... just giving you another peek of my life in Scotland so far. 
Here's where I've been sitting for a drink and working on my laptop for the past few afternoons. Banks of Ury.

This week we moved to Inverurie which is closer to work for David (he's consulting for a week here). When he goes off to work in the morning, I walk to do some shopping in the area... love Poundland (it's like the $2 Daiso store in Singapore, but here's it's 1pound), M&S, Boots, SuperDrug... all my favs (but there's no Primark or Asda here in Inverurie..boo hoo). I get food for lunch at the grocers/supermarket and walk home.
My 6pounds neon pink sneakers from ASDA kids section lol
David drives back to the flat to eat and hang out with me during his lunch hour. Then I iron the clothes after he's gone, and take a walk down to a quiet pub called Banks of Ury to have a drink and use the wifi because it's the closest one to the flat.

At 5plus in the evening, David gets back and we go for dinner... have a drink, watch TV. It's a slow pace of life here... no one is really in a rush, most people are gracious and polite. So unlike Singapore.
But I miss my busy city life and my family, and my dog Lola, and Bak Chor mee and prawn noodle soup (there's a new stall selling prawn noodles in Balestier and I'm going to eat there the day after I get back to Singapore). OMG I can die waiting. 

Tomorrow, we head back to stay at his parent's home in Dyce, which is even quieter than Inverurie but is just a 10 minute train ride into town (Union St) where I can get Primark. haha.