Where did the weekend go!?

The weekend passed too fast! Had a great driving about in the new VolvoV40 (Have you seen the pics of this new car? They're on my instagram @hollyjean69 .) Will show you more pics and do a review on this car on my blog next week... Well, I can't drive, so I gave it to my husband to drive... my review will be from the passenger seat haha.
Tomorrow I have a fitting to go to, and on Tuesday I'm off to Q&M @RafflesPlace for my dental appointment, Wednesday I teach... ahhhh how I wish I had more free days. Especially since my mother-in-law is visiting for a week, and she leaves on Wednesday. A week is too short!

 You know, last week there was a huge fire on Balestier road, I saw it from my back window which faces Balestier. Such a commotion, the roads were blocked, fire trucks, honking, shouting, policemen running back and forth... (The video is on my instagram). So scary.
The coffee shop and that whole section of the building is burnt to a crisp now. No more duck noodles for me for a long while (was my fav!). Good thing is, no serious injuries.
Will spend the evening at home with my husband and mother in law today. I'm not cooking though... cos my cooking sucks, and we all like different types of food. haha. Looks like it'll be FoodPanda.sg delivery again.  Probably Indian food for David and I, and pizza for mum.  Whoop! *hungry already*