Favourite Bar, Favourite Dresses

The last shoot for BagCharmLove was done at Starker at Zhong Shan Park... it's my local watering hole cos so near my house and the staff there are so friendly and nice. 

If you see me there, don't expect me to be looking like this shoot ah.... cos it's so near my home (5 minute walk) I always wear my sleeping shorts and singlet there. Lol.  (But looking at these pictures and beautiful dresses, makes me want to dress up and look this good everywhereeeee!)
 There are a lot of sexy bandage dresses at BagCharmLove, but nothing as hot and chic as this one. It's short, zips up from the front, and has deep V-neck. It's all black and the material has certain texture to it that makes it look like a leather dress... but of course, this is so much more comfortable and stretchier than leather is.
It's effortlessly sexy and with simple accessories like a handbag and a pair of shades, it looks so chic and stylish.
Blue ombre! While black can be so sexy chic... I always have room in my wardrobe for colours. 
 Flattering shades of blue makes this dress eye catching and refreshing.
This solid coral orange shade is more office appropriate or for those who are more conservative with colours. :) Subtle hues are classy!
 Ooh ooh... baby pink. Such a pretty colour. I already have a baby pink bandage dress from BagCharmLove which I loooove very very much. This one is different because it's a bit shorter, with a v cut at the hem and instead of a v neck, this one is off shoulders.
And for something totally different... a PEPLUM bandage dress!!!! It's so exciting when there's a totally new design that's radically different from all the previous ones. So pretty and feminine.

All these were launched on the BagCharmLove website on Tuesday this week. If you like any of it, you will need to hurry cos it's already Thursday and stocks are limited with every new launch they have.


  1. Holly Jean, you look great in all those dresses. The PEPLUM bandage dress has the WOW factor, and is a very hot dress on you!


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