Bring on the Brights!

I decided to pop into Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio at Ngee Ann City yesterday because in a week, I'll be flying out of Singapore and won't be back home for 6 weeks! My roots are starting to show (been a few months since I touched up on my Maji Brown colour), and I was getting quite bored of my look. 
I wanted something different from my usual. Something to inject some style and fun into my look ...but still be manageable and fuss free, especially since I'll be travelling for 6 weeks. Here's what my stylist William did for me. 
A brighter shade of brown to go with my new hair style. I always trust my stylist William to pick out shades which suit me. He never disappoints!

After dying my hair brown, the ends are carefully bleached. 
After the bleaching is done, my ombre colour is applied! Whoo hoo!
Guess which colour I chose?
Hang on... I'll reveal it a couple of pictures down.....
Before I left the salon, I got my usual hair and scalp treatment. Super love how soft my hair gets with this treatment... even after bleaching the ends of my hair.
 Tadah!!!! OMG I'm so happy with this shade of brown and bright pink. 
Of course, my hair was nicely blown dry by William before I left the salon. Usually I would just wear my hair straight down... just wash and go. And it looks so pretty when it's straight too. Look out for pics on my Instagram... there's many more to come while I'm away from Sg.

Fancy a hair treatment, a cut or a new colour, or even a more adventurous and trendy style? Make an appointment with my stylist William!

Quote HOLLY and get 10% OFF all services with William. (Say HI to him for me also ah... cos I won't be in SG so I can't do my hair again for 6 weeks!)

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Ngee Ann City, Tower B #05-23,
391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872
Tel: (+65) 6238 1522/1514
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  1. Anonymous5:24 pm

    6 weeks? Me too!
    Your hair looks very beautiful...nice touch.
    OMG, SMH and all those other 3 letter initials!
    Take care and have a wonderful trip!

    1. :) Thank you and hope you enjoy your trip too

    2. Long flight...I may have to have a drink or two....or three....

  2. Anonymous4:21 am

    Looking very pretty there Holly. I think a bit of wave/shape in your hair makes a big difference to the straight hair, in a positive way. JK

  3. Nice hair colour, but I cannot stop looking at your brows instead!

    1. I've been drawing my brows thicker lately. But not I realise maybe they're too dark for my new hair colour???? Is tht why it's distracting?


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