The Entertainer ! Phone app version for 1 for 1 deals worldwide!

I've just got a new app called The Entertainer. Download is Free. It nearly a thousand 2-for-1 deals for fine dining restaurants, bars, casual dining places, cafes, nightspots, sports, spas, beauty, health and fitness stores in Singapore (as well as other countries such as Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Malaysia, etc).
The Entertainer used to only be available for purchase in print form (in a thick book) which cost about $95, and the deals inside are valid the whole year. But now, it's also available as a phone app! So much lighter, and convenient to use since you have your phone with you where ever you are!

To unlock all the offers in the app, there is a one time fee which will make all the great offers available to you, via the app, for the whole year. (I'll let you know how to get 20% off that fee at the end of this post!)
The very first time I got to experience The Experiencer was earlier this week at Extra Virgin Pizza at United Square. It's so close to where I live, I can walk there and I've been wanting to try this place since it opened months I thought... why not! :)  The Entertainer has 2-for-1 deals all over the island, there's bound to be loads near you too.
Extra Virgin Pizza is a spacious restaurant, that has a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. Love that the staff are all so helpful and friendly too. OMG, so many pastas and pizzas to choose from. All so enticing...
 I clicked on the deal I wanted to use (2-for-1 maincourse) so my friend and I could order a pizza each, but we only pay for one! 
 When you click on the deal you want to use, the app will prompt your to key in your 4 digit security keycode. Once done,  pass the phone to the staff there and they will key in a code too.
Then you make your order.. and yay! You're only charged for one main course and the other is completely free! If you're with more friends, you can redeem 3 offers, and get 6 meals for the price of 3!
Once the transaction goes through, the app shows you how much you have saved! $30 whoo! Imagine the amount of savings I can rack up each week just by using this app everytime I choose to eat out or go to a bar.. or even get a massage.
I ordered the Prosciutto and Arugula pizza. Ohhh yummmmmmm. Thin, light and crispy crust with a heap of my favourite proscuitto. My friend ordered the Spotted Pig which is all pepperoni, ham and mince meat.. not bad either. But I still prefer my choice!
So much fooood! I brought home a couple of leftover slices for my husband. 
Buy one get the other Free! Whee! Love The Entertainer! I'm going to check out the app to see what deal I will go for next. Maybe 2-for-1 dinner at Bedrock or 1-for-1 buffet at the Mariott. Woot! It's going to be an awesome and entertaining... yet affordable year ahead.

Download The Entertainer app on your iPhone or Android (Click Here), check out all the 2-for-1 deals they have in Singapore. If you want to unlock all those deals, Click BUY and choose Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2014. The cost is SGD 95. 

But my friends and readers get 20% off this price! Using code @hollyjean69, you get it for SGD 76. Once you redeem a couple of deals, you would have made this initial purchase worthwhile already! And all the other deals you use from this app the whole year through is pure savingssssss!
On the checkout page, just Key in Voucher Code  @hollyjean69 and then click Apply Coupon to see the new amount on your checkout page ( The new amount will be shown as Sgd76).
So if you're a foodie, or love recreation and travel, there are plenty of 1-for-1 deals for you to use.

Do you  love hotel buffets? Go with your friend to the Buffet dinner (or lunch or high tea) at the Mariott Hotel, pay for one person and the other person eats free! Woot! So worth it!

If you spend a lot of time and money at the arcade.. why not claim your free tokens at Timezone? They have 15 Timezone arcade outlets available on this app, each outlet offering 3 x $30 worth of game credits. Knock yourself out!
Visit this website or search for The Entertainer in your app store. Download is Free. And if you want to access all the buy1-free1 offers on your smartphone, just click BUY on the top left side of the app and select  Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2014, use code @hollyjean69  for 20% off the price. It will be unlocked within a few minutes after purchase and you can use all the offers anytime this whole year!  

Have fun!