How Long Could You Wait?

I think one of the dilemmas we have as human beings is that life is so short.

We can either sit and wait, or we can just take a chance and live it.

Some people sit and wait.

Others live it.

But what if one person wants to do nothing but wait ... and the other person wants to keep on living? Do you deny them life and hold them back? Or do you push the sitter off the fence so he starts living life too? Or do you just leave the sitter behind?

What would you do? You can take your time to decide, but meanwhile, Life... it's just slipping by.


  1. Anonymous2:13 pm

    push the sitter off the fence and if he doesn't want to follow, he'd end up back on the fence.... but at least you tried!

  2. Anonymous4:01 pm

    just leave him...and start living life.

  3. Anonymous8:17 pm

    I waited 5 years... bad choice... now im living life... he wasted 5 years of my youth...

  4. Anonymous11:39 am

    Live the life you want and make sure you draw the boundary with what you need and want, especially those "non-negotiable" things. If you don't and let it drag, you're only allowing the other person to have his way and it is your own responsibility to make sure you get your needs too. Sometimes, we think we do that kind of "allowing" and "waiting" out of love, but as time passes, resentment will build up cos you'll end up noticing that you're giving in and you keep giving from a space of empty when your own needs aren't satisfied. That's a sure recipe for unhappiness. Real unconditional giving of any kind has to happen from a place of fullness when your own needs are met and you're happy. It's really very much like the whole airline emergency of "wear your own oxygen mask before helping others". All the best Holly!

  5. If this is your spouse. Then you made a choice when you exchanged vows to grow and live TOGETHER. If both of you are living your own agendas, then the marriage should not have happened. Marriage is more than a social contract, at least it is to many. If you see marriage a only a social contract. Then you have an easy out. I wish you well. Do let us know how this finishes!


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