House of Holland nailed by Elegant Touch

I just got 4 fun products from
Katy Perry Lashes created by Eyelure. Eyelure is Europe's number one lash brand. You can get these at Guardian $11.90 for Sweetie Pie which is the least dramatic of the 4 available in this range. I prefer this more natural look,  but they do have Oh,My for $13.90 which is the Eyelure Double Lash which Katy Perry wore throughout her world tour.
Miss Flicklash by Eyelure is a false eyelash with a flick on the end, so with this pair, there's no need to draw on any eyeliner. Love this because I have problems drawing even/identical flicks on both eyes haha...
Very dramatic, great for a night out. The band (spine) is broader than what I'm used to, but it's very flexible and comfortable to wear. You can get this at Watsons stores at $11.90.
I'm most excited to show you House of Holland nailed by Elegant Touch! It's only $13.90 for a box (you can get it at Watsons). There are 24 fake nails inside, nail glue and a nail file.
Mine was Get Nailed which has white nails with black rims and some additional stickers which you can paste on the nails to spell out things like #YOLO on your nails.

I matched the nail pieces to my fingers (there are 10 different sizes in the pack), and got them laid out in order so gluing them on would be quick and easy. I also stuck on the letters spelling LOVE! but you can do this step after you have stuck the nails on.

The glue in the package is great. Just put a thin layer all over your original finger nail and then stick on the fake nail. Just need to hold it in place for like 5 seconds. 

It's supposed to last 1 week. Mine lasted 4 days with no problems, then I had to remove them because I had a shoot that needed nude nails. You can buy a special remover for this, but I just used normal nail polish remover to weaken the glue and pry off the nail. :)
I also got a new Nail Rock design but I've reviewed Nail Rock before. They are easy to use, just stick on your nail and then file off the excess. I do love the new patterns!

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