Things I Learnt, Playing Match Maker

Results for the Favourite Single. Congratulations Connor! Lunch Actually will be contacting you with regards to your prize of a taster package with them (Includes one date, image and coaching session).
In this day and age... match making or setting people up with other singles is no easy task. A few weeks ago, I started a small project on my blog where I featured 6 single friends of mine and invited my readers to email me if they were interested in being matched with any of them. (Click here to see that post)

I honestly thought it would be a breeze. A happy, humming and exciting kind of task. But as it turned out, match making is more difficult than I expected! You see, I have come to find that.... finding love is indeed complicated, and the biggest obstacle is the single person himself/herself.

Sometimes, you have people who are perhaps a 5 on a scale of 10 (and admittedly so)... who don't want to settle for anything less than a perfect 10 or a close 9 when it comes to a partner. So you get the same excuses... oh not pretty enough, oh too short, oh such and such background means...
You also have people who think such set ups are for the desperate and don't want to subject themselves to such a method of being matched. (But the truth is... what have you got to lose really? There's no loss of dignity being matched with someone via a third party! Oh gosh! We are living in a day and age where technology increases our reach, breaks social barriers, and expands your social circles by leaps and bounds. Now, why would you rather limit yourself within your own little shell? Your life partner is very probably not right under your nose. If you do not look beyond it, you may never find your match.

Then there comes a whole list of wants. Basically, single people are so picky! Picky picky picky! Sometimes I look back at my self when I was a singleton too... and I admit, I was picky too! Very often picky over things that shouldn't even matter (like how a guy dresses! So superficial!)
Perhaps that's why it took me so long to finally settle down.

But you just cannot have all your bases covered. This is life. You know?

So it irks me when people stick by the superficial checklists and are blinded to everything else. Give someone a shot and see where it takes you.
Do not be a calculative relationship grinch.
On a less naggy note, thank you everyone who took the chance and emailed in. I've sent the pics and info of the shortlisted candidates to my 6 single friends. Hopefully, I'll have the go ahead to make the connection between the two of you :). This bit makes all the frustration and confusion (as to why so many singles think and judge other singles so harshly) worth while. Fingers crossed, there'll be a few happily ever afters! xxx