Teachers Don't have All the Answers

Sometimes it irks me how some of my friends with kids... expect teachers to be like some omnipresent and all knowing force in their child's life.

Someone's kid came home with a scratch... mum goes to school and demands to know how the child got scratched.

Some other kid said a bad word at home. The father says on FB that he is planning to call the teacher to ask where his son learned such a word???
I used to be a secondary school teacher so I didn't really get much of this.. but I imagine pre-school and primary school teachers get this sort of scrutiny all the time.

If I were them... the answer that flashes in my head whenever I'm asked such questions would be- "How the fuck would I know?"

Parents think that they're at work the whole day... and the kid is in school for most of their day... so the teacher should know their child better... and is like their proxy parent. The reality is... that teacher probably sees your child for one class a day at most (45mins)... and even that time is divided over 40 other students. So they're not going to know how your child got scratched, how your child is, or where he picked up the F-word from. That is the reality of it.

So instead of asking or blaming the teacher all the time, how about asking or blaming your own child. How are they going to learn to grow up and be responsible... when they come home with one scratch and mummy is going ape shit on the teachers. Don't raise a loser lah.

Yup, that's just my thought for the day. Tomorrow... a happy post. Promise ! :)