How to Turn People Off with Facebook #notakeyboardwarrior

Check out this short video - Are you turning people off with your Facebook profile? - to see what regular Singaporean guys and girls off the streets get turned off by when it comes to other people's Facebook activities.

I have tonnes of people linked to me on Facebook so my news feed is very busy. I love the interaction that Facebook gives, I even get most of my news updates about what's happening around the world just by looking at my newsfeed (it's more current than the official news sources!). I love the internet and social media, in fact, it's part of my job. But I too get very put off by keyboard warriors.

Behind the safety of their monitors, they are very aggressive, foul and tactless when they launch into personal attacks on a person, or a race, or a nationality. I'm all for voicing your opinions, and I always voice my own opinions. But don't do it in such a close-minded and thug like way.

People who witness such behaviour online roll their eyes and think "What a loser!"

Being a keyboard warrior serves no purpose except to perhaps inflate your own ego a bit. Maybe it makes one feel like some tough guy. But honestly, it makes you look bad. And not cool bad-ass kind of bad... but more like a sad loser kinda of bad.
If only people could punch through the keyboard warriors' computer screens and give them a taste of reality. I wish everyone could see how cowardly keyboard warriors really are, so they wouldn't be affected by what these keyboard warriors say online. Sadly that's not the case and such cyber bullying can have detrimental effects on the victims on the receiving end of such online abuse.
Check out to sign the pledge online and support the movement to stamp out keyboard warriors... or at least make the world see them as what they really are... losers. It's not cool. Don't be a keyboard warrior!

They also have a hashtag comeptition where you share the video above with the hashtag #notakeyboardwarrior and you can win prizes. Go find out more from the website!