Play FinalSip with me, meet real people, win real prizes!

Last weekend, I was invited to a cocktail party organised by FinalSip.Com at Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall.
Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall, 60A Boat Quay
It's a quaint chill out bar on the second floor, with huge windows overlooking the Singapore River... it's so full of old school quirks and such nostalgia. 
With Estelle, Jemma, Herbert and Vanessa. (pic credit: Richard Oey)
Guests were treated to a cocktail mixing lesson by Ah Sam himself...... 
It's hardwork making cocktails! But very fun too.
Don't think I did too bad... but the next time I'm back at his Cold Drink Stall, I'll leave the cocktail mixing to Ah Sam and his crew. :)
The Creators of   (pic credit: Richard Oey)
Afterwards, we settled down with our concoctions and learned more about this new social game called 
Trying out for the first time.  (pic credit: Richard Oey) is a new addictive social game in a virtual club environment. Just like in a club, you might buy a drink for a stranger who catches your eye... only in FinalSip, this drink is virtual and the risk of embarrassment from rejection is like.. Zero! It's just a game! (But the rewards are real!)
You win when you get the last sip (or finish the bottle). Every time you win, you get bonus points and a chance to chat and meet up IN REAL LIFE with the person you gave that last drink to. It could be someone who takes your fancy, or perhaps a friendly face to add to your social circle. 

Just click on "The Bar" and you'll see all the people in Singapore who are playing this game. Perhaps you're looking for a wingman,  a hot date or a friend to hang out with. The possibilities are endless. I would use FinalSip to look for more friends , and we both get bonus points and can redeem fabulous shopping vouchers in the process! Win-Win!
There's also the excitement of seeing who will be the last person to win the final sip and the opportunity to chat and meet up with you! If you do agree with a meet up, you not only get a new friend but you also earn bonus points too.

With this game, you get points by meeting REAL people, and exchange those points for REAL prizes. 
These prizes & a lot more. Check out "The Mall" at to redeem prizes
Pick your favorite prize from coveted items such as LV, Chanel and shopping vouchers. Socialising has never been this rewarding!

Watch the video above and let this hottie show you how to play Playing is easy, and signing up is Free. In fact, your first 50shots (virtual drinks) are on the house! 

Sign up to play the game, meet up with friends in real life, and be rewarded with real prizes today at  . The more people you meet, the more bonus points and prizes you get. Redeem fabulous prizes with your bonus points.

The perks don't just end there! If you post about your successful Finalsip meet up on the FinalSip Facebook page... you could win a prize. Each month 5 meet ups get a sponsored dinner at a mystery restaurant. What a great way to keep your social life buzzing!

Check out the Finalsip Facebook Page for more details.

We're all on FinalSip.Com ! Come join in the fun and perhaps meet us too!
Click--> to start playing :)