Am I the Only One with Paranoid Fears?

Even though I resigned from teaching (with MOE) years ago and started writing/blogging full time... I still set aside one day a week to teach English. It's a very very minuscule part of my income (teaching doesn't pay well in Sg!) in fact almost all the $$ I get from teaching that 2 hour class is spent on the taxi ride from my place in Novena to Pasir Ris and back again.

It also wipes out one day of my week so I can't do any of my writing, modelling or events that day.... but the centre is close to my parent's home (so I spend a few hours with them before I go for class) and I do enjoy teaching so I've kept teaching that one class even after I got married and moved quite a distance away.

Anyway... last week, I was teaching (it's a 2 hour class) so my phone was on silent. After class ended, I checked my phone and there were several missed calls from my mum and my husband. And there was also this message from my husband.
Immediately, I had this knot in my stomach. OMG why is he at my parent's place in Pasir Ris? (His office is in freaking Tuas by the way)

Did something happen to him? Or more likely, is there some sort of emergency, and my mom could not contact me so she rang my husband instead and he rushed over???

All that went through my mind and it made me feel sick and breathless even though it only took me a few seconds to dial his number after seeing that message.

It turned out that he was at a supplier's office in Bedok, so instead of driving straight home after, he decided to come pick me up instead. He was a bit early, so he was at my parent's place. And they were both trying to ring me because they were afraid I'd jump straight in a taxi after class and head back to Novena, without realising that my husband was in Pasir Ris waiting to drive me back.

Phew! I thought something very bad had happened. But it was just my husband being very sweet. lol.

Would you have reacted that way too or is there something wrong with me? -_- 


  1. Anonymous5:55 pm

    it could all have been avoided by a simple "I'm free to pick you up after your class. Don't go home without me! call me when you're done" =P

  2. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Anonymous at 5.55pm: sadly, men don't like to text such long winded messages, unlike us women who like to be clear..

    1. IKR ! I'm always careful that my messages are not ambiguous or might alarm people

  3. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Anon@6.40 -- not true! i know many guys who do that! ok maybe minus the "don't go home without me" portion in the middle *lol*
    anyway it's natural to worry in this particular situation.i would too, but it might have been a panicked "oh no! what happened??" rather than a specific scenario. i'm curious... would he have been worried too if the situation was reversed?

    1. I don't know... Cos I wld never text him like that. So I don't know his reaction.

      I'm the kind where if I call my mum or husband several times , and they don't pick up... I'll text immediately to say- "not important. No need to ring back if ur busy." Cos I worry that if they suddenly saw like 5 missed calls from me, they wld panic. Lol

  4. Anonymous11:57 pm

    what ran through your mind would be my exact reaction.

    i did this mental age test in facebook.. im like 20+ but my mental age is 40 -_- says i worry too much zzzz

  5. Anonymous1:59 am

    It's fine! I mean, it's not ideal, being paranoid, but you can't help it, can you? You're just concerned! And men, well, men are men. They like things to be short and sweet.


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