What I've Been Up To

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. Ever since we got back from Phuket... I have not had a day's rest... until today. My schedule was jam packed with fittings, shoots, events ... and to top it all off, I had the flu for 4 days earlier last week and still had to work. :(

Finally, today is a rest day for me. Well... a work from home day.... cos I have to catch up on my article drafts, and also do a tonne of laundry/ironing which I haven't had the time to do in the last 10 days or so.
It was the Shunji Matsuo D&D last night at the Japanese Association on Adam Road. They also had hair styling competitions and I went as the model for my stylist William. He's a director at the Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio at Ngee Ann City.
We didn't win... but it was fun and I think he did an awesome job on my hair. So creative!
Then...  to give myself more work.... I took up a new hobby. Needle Felting. LOL. (Only kidding! It's not 'work'... I actually use it to de-stress in the evenings and wind down for the day. I usually do it while both my husband and I are watching tv before going to bed)
You just need unwoven wool... kinda looks like wool fibers. And a felting needle. It's not like a regular needle, it actually has like little spikes in it.
Here's my very first piece! Rudolf. There wasn't a tutorial on this, I just anyhow try. Turned out pretty good ! But there are plenty of tutorials on youtube teaching you how to make bunnies etc. You can go see.

LilyRae.Co has launched their Christmas Collection. The 15% Discount Code for my readers is LRHOLLY15OFF , key it in at checkout page.
I've picked out my Christmas day dress. It's going to be this Society Pleated Dress in vibrant pink. Super flattering and cheerful colour.
Their latest weekly FB giveaway ends tomorrow. So if you want to take a shot at it, do it now, it only takes a few seconds. Their facebook page is -here-
We might be going to Jaan at Swisshotel tonight... (well, I haven't made the reservation yet)... I've never been but I've heard so much about this restaurant.
Super excited!! I seldom eat at fancy places nowadays lol (cos my husband is not a foodie lah).
Wonder if it'll be too much if I wore this gorgeous black maxi dress to dinner tonight? Or maybe I should opt for a short dress like this purple duo toned off shoulder dress?
Both are from BagCharmLove.

Updates real soon! I'm going downstairs now to get chicken rice with liver and egg for my lunch. I'm starving!

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  1. Hope u are feeling better now babe! And yes! I heard so much abrt Jaan too! Would love to try it one day ~ keke. :)

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