My Life Inc & My Christmas Giveaway :)

I discovered my LIFE INC a couple of months ago... and yesterday, I was invited to their bloggers preview event where we got to discover more about their mission and products.

my LIFE INC  is a subsidiary of Eu Yan Sang International, a leading healthcare and wellness company in Asia. my LIFE INC picks the best health products from around the world and brings it to people here in Singapore. Their experts analyze every ingredient to ensure that it’s safe and healthy.

Before I show you what went on in the event yesterday, let me share with you some of their products that I got last month.

Gentlemen's Tonic is a men's care brand from London. I was very excited, because I love getting grooming products for my husband. The Traditional Shave cream was very luxurious on his skin, it was easy to build into a rich lather. Sculpt is a tub of hair wax. It gave his hair a matte finish (I hate greasy looking hair products on men) and it's very lightly scented.
For healthy snack choices... there's Honey Mart's Sparking Euphoria which is a low sugar, low calorie drink. I love that it's sweet with natural honey goodness. And NUTS make super healthy snacks. I love the Deluxe Nut Mix ... though they also have variations with berries and fruit too.
They also have a range of products for baby care... and for pet care too. Lola tried out the All Natural Dog Treats. I was afraid she wouldn't like it because it would be healthy tasting... but nope... she loved it. 
And in between grooming sessions, I use this Dry Shampoo Powder for Dogs. Just sprinkle and rub it on her... and she smells like lavender. She loves the pampering.
 I don't drink tea... but if you are a tea drinker, check out Teaism. 
The sachets are perforated, and you dip it straight into hot water. No need to strain etc. My guests love the fragrant brew.
I'm most excited about the Sprayology vitamins. I hate swallowing pills, that's why I don't do supplements. But with this, I just spray it into my mouth. It tastes like juice. Very convenient way to get my energy boosting vitamin b-12 and folic acid. They also have versions for Multi-vitamin, allergy relief and weight loss.

Here's a peek at what went on at the event yesterday.

Loads of food for us...
and we also got to taste every product available from my LIFE INC. From the chips to the chocolates... Oh my they even have a lime and chilli dark chocolate.
Guests were also treated to a 10 minute back and shoulder massage to de-stress after our hectic day.
Super love the cute SleepPhones... it's for playing music while you sleep.
There is also a range of baby products, of course, as with all products at my LIFE INC, they are of top quality, healthy and safe.
Tested out more Sprayology vitamins....
There's also a range of hair and skin care products from Harmonic which are all natural... so natural you can actually eat it and you'll be fine!
There's just such a wide range of great products at my LIFE INC. Click here to check out the whole range and shop online.

I'm sharing my haul and sharing the love with you :). 

One lucky reader (picked randomly) will be mailed these 3 products I picked out for you (worth over $50). 
Certified Organic Paw Paw Treatment  + Sprayology SleepEase + Help! Honey Spoon

Like myLifeInc's Facebook page . And comment "YES!" on this pic on my facebook page (Click here to go straight to pic). Winner will be picked tomorrow (Saturday December 7)   :) 

p/s remind me to pick a winner tomorrow night if I forget. I've have had such a hectic week, things keep slipping my mind! Thanks xx