I need Date Sponsors! Holly Jean Plays Cupid!

Next year, instead of a make over for my readers which I've already done before (Click here to see that)... I've decided to match make 3 of my single and available friends.
When I was single, I was always a go-getter when it came to relationships... I joined online match websites, I dated people off Facebook... I went on blind dates my friends set me up with... I never found it shameful or sad... I found it fun and exciting! It's like... if you only keep within your social circles... you only see people you go to school with or work with.. you hang at the same places with the same friends... how are you going to meet that right person if you limit yourself like that!?

I haven't picked which 3 friends to feature yet... but it'll probably be 2 girls and a guy or 1 girl and 2 guys.. a mix. I'll feature their pic, their general details and their answers to some questions I ask them so you can get a glimpse of their personality. And also what I think about them.

Then my single readers (in Singapore) can email me if they are interested in being matched with any of my 3 friends! I'll pick the best match for each friend and set them up on a date.

Will also feature little snippets of each of the 3 dates on my blog.

Sounds fun? :) I'm excited and can't wait to do this (probably in January!). Whoo hoo!

Please help me look out for date related sponsors. It can be someone who has a cafe or restaurant in Singapore and would like to sponsor a meal or drinks for the date. It doesn't necessarily have to be food related, it can be a recreation date too like .. oh I don't know... art jam???  I'll need 3 different sponsors (one for each couple I'm setting up). Of course the sponsors will be featured on my blog during this matchmaking project.

Do spread the word, and if you own a date appropriate business, cafe, etc, or know of someone who does and is interested in sponsoring that one date to be featured on my blog... please email me at hollyjean69@gmail.com

Yays! Spread Love and hope.