Faster & Gentle Make Up Removal With New Bioré Cotton Sheets!

My make up style is more natural and earthy tones. But just because it looks natural doesn't mean that make up removal at the end of the day is not necessary. It's important to remove all traces of make up properly to ensure my pores are unclogged and my skin is clean. It's also important to gently remove the waterproof eyeliner and mascara from the sensitive eye area.

During this festive and travel period, the most convenient way to remove make up and cleanse my skin properly is with the new and improved Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets. I love the new packaging because it has retained the pretty pink colour of the older version of this product but it's much better at sealing in the moisture and freshness of the sheets! With the new air tight container, it helps keep the sheets moist for a longer period of time.

Besides the change in the product packaging, there are the improvement points of the NEW & IMPROVED Biore Cotton Sheets:
- Contains 20% more cleansing oil in each sheet for faster and gentler makeup remover
- Minimizes repeated wiping on eye area and eye lashes by 50%!
- Infused with Hydrating Beauty Essence so skin is moist and soft after use! No sticky or greasy after feel!

The cotton sheets are so soft and moist. I prefer this more moist sheet as it makes make-up removal speedier and easier. It also means I can be more gentle on my skin because there's less wiping to be done... especially around the eye area.

Here's a Before picture of my face with make up on.

Foundation, eyebrow pencil, pink eyeshadow, waterproof eyeliner,waterproof mascara, blusher and a nudey pink lipstick.
Let me show you how well this wipe works by cleaning half my face with it.
Make up comes off so easily with just gentle wiping on my skin. There's no redness or stinging at all.
For waterproof mascara, I placed the sheets on my eyes for 5 seconds before gently wiping it off and even the waterproof eyeliner and mascara comes off without leaving a black panda stain around my eye.
All that is from just HALF my face! So much for 'natural' make up eh?  :)
Here's my face completely cleansed, with just one sheet... I used both sides of the sheet. It's moist enough to clean my whole face of make up.

After cleansing, there are no more traces of make up and no stickiness. My skin feels plump and moist as well because of the new Hydrating Beauty Essence in the sheets. Feels fresh and clean!

You can get Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets at major pharmacies like Watsons and super/hypermarkets. Prices are -Regular tub ($17.90), Refill pack ($15.60), Handy Pack 10s ($3.90).

You can also get yourself a free sample at

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Submit a photo (#LOTD) of your daily make up and share why Bioré Cotton Sheets help you remove your make up with ease.  
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