Bumper Post: Reviews of 3 new Watsons products

For this bumper post... there are 3 reviews I want to share. They are new products now available at Watsons. SKINBIOTICS Even Wither capsules, lippies from COLLECTION and BRIGITTE Glamorous Volume mascara. I have 2 readers who volunteered to help review a couple of products (thank you Girls!).

Creampuff & Hotlights lippies from COLLECTION. Tested by Twinkle Hoay.

I have got really dry lips especially in an air condition environment  the lip cream not just hydrates my lips without the additional layer of lipbalm before it but the colour looks even prettier after it settles on my lips. The colour pigment is amazingly strong and matte making my lips look plump and brightens up my entire complexion. Extremely love the soft, velvety, plump up lips with every glide. 

This is the kind of lipgloss I imagine catwoman would use, is an entire gadget by itself. I was surprise when i first open it, comes with a built-in light that ensure no boohoo moment even in the dark and its exterior comes with a tiny mirror, how very convenient! The only downside is that the colour is very light and transparent, best paired with a lipcolour if you are into the more pigmented colour like myself. Gets a little sticky but keeps lip in hydrated mode.

SKINBIOTICS Even Wither capsules. Tested by Janice Tan.

After using the Skinbiotics whitening capsules for 18days, I realize my skin complexion feels better, less blemished and just slightly fairer. Not a very huge difference but can see it's getting fairer. I think one box of Skinbiotics whitening with 21capsules only won't do the trick. Maybe I've to consume it for a few months to really see the difference. One down side is that I realize I feel slightly constipated. Instead of having my big business everyday it becomes twice a day instead. My meals are still with vegetables and fruits, highly suspect the only difference I have recently is consuming the Skinbiotics whitening capsules. 

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the results. Hopefully, there are no other long term side effects. 

BRIGITTE Glamorous Volume Mascara. Tested by myself.
Love the chic packaging, very Parisian chic. The colour of this black mascara is a very dark glamorous black. It does give length and volume as promised... but what I really like is that it makes the lashes (and my eyes) so defined too.
The wand is all plastic, not bristled. One side is a shorter comb than the other. I like this kind of applicator, it gives a very generous coating of mascara on my lashes, even with just a single application. I use the shorter comb at the bas of my lashes, and then as I comb through my lashes, I twirl the comb. I find this is the best method. The longer comb side evens out the application and also prevents clotting ( I find that the old school bristle applicators tend to give a speck like effect and lots of clumps).
On the left side of this picture, I used the BRIGITTE mascara (just one coat) and on the right side of the picture, no mascara. It is waterproof, doesn't smudge or flake off. Great staying power. It does dry pretty stiff (but doesn't look stiff), so an additional coat is not that easy to apply once the first coat dries. Definitely needs an eye make up remover for removal.
Love how it opens up my peepers. For the effect, the ease of application, and staying power... I love this product.

For more reviews of new beauty products available at Watsons, check out the Watsons Beauty Playground.


  1. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Hi Holly, may I know what is the shade of foundation/bb cream you normally use? I think my colouring is pretty similar to yours, but I find that most make-up bases/bb creams make my face look a bit too pale for the rest of my body.

    1. oh sorry for this late reply. I didn't see this comment until now. Some bb creams are too light for me or become ashy looking colour on my skin.

      I prefer using foundation as the sandy beige type colours work better on me.

  2. Anonymous9:37 pm

    hi, what contact lens are you wearing? thanks

    1. Freshkon mosaic- urban grey. Monthly ones

  3. Anonymous11:57 pm

    "I realize I feel slightly constipated. Instead of having my big business everyday it becomes twice a day instead"

    did Janice Tan mean that she can go to the toilet more often or she goes once every 2 days?


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